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What is involved in creating a custom designed pop-up card, and how does the process work? We have been specializing in Custom Pop-Ups for years, and we think we have the pop-up process as streamlined as it gets. Here’s how it goes…

Step 1: We Consult

First, let’s brainstorm over the phone. Tell us what sort of Custom Pop-Up you have in mind. How do you envision its use? What items do you want to feature and what else should be incorporated as background material? What feeling do you want to create? What colors and artwork style do you think would work best?

Which card in our Gallery is closest to what you want?

We will listen carefully and make recommendations to capture your vision as closely as possible in your custom card. You decide whether you want an illustrated card (like 20th Century Fox), or a card made up of a montage of your photos (like Paradise Cruise). Together, we’ll decide what reference materials we will need in order to build your cards.

Step 2: You Collect

Next step—you collect your reference materials including logos, text, photos you want us to use etc.  These materials may include photos, your logo, PDF’s of other work you have done… whatever you like! Please also include the text you want on the front and back cover of your cards. The more information we have on your company, the better we can match you and your Pop-Up. Most clients use Dropbox to get those files to us.  Also: you are free to do as much of the design of your pop up as you like! Just ask for a template and we will look after the paper engineering part and you can do all the rest of the design if you so desire. At this stage we will also as you to mail your deposit check or make a payment by credit card (we require a 50% deposit for all custom projects).

Step 3: We Confirm and Create

When we receive your files, we’ll give you a call to review the preliminary layout and composition for your cards. Next, we’ll assign an artist to your project and, a week or so after we receive your materials, we’ll provide you with our artist’s mock-up design.

Here is your chance to critique! Let us know what you love, and what could be better, so that we can fine-tune the design.

Step 4: We Correct

Our artists will incorporate your feedback into their final design, and then we’ll supply you with a final proof.

Step 5: Pop-Up Production!

Once you are happy (we prefer thrilled!) with the design for your pop-up card, we will handle all the production issues. We print in gang runs on small orders to keep our product affordable. Our skilled die-cutters craft an original die to be used only for your project. Then we die cut your printed cards, assemble and “pop” them for you, then ship your cards anywhere in the world.

Easy, right? Maybe even lots of fun! Tell us about your project so that we can give you a Quick Quote. Or let us send you some samples of our Pop Up Cards!