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Pop Up Cards for Retail Applications

(Postcards, Souvenir Cards, Product Add-Ons, and Bottle Neck Hangers)

Whether you have a single gift shop at a museum or historic site, or a string of gift shops at a national park or amusement park, a customized pop-up souvenir card will be a wonderful addition to your merchandise selection. You choose the hottest-selling postcard images from your attraction, city, or area, and we’ll create a montage of your photography or create original artwork that incorporates all of these notable features into one dynamic pop-up souvenir, greeting, or postcard.

Research (and anyone in the business) tells us that custom products outsell generic items at attractions-based gift shops.

A Custom Pop-Up souvenir card is the ideal retail product:

Displays dynamically (check out our display stand!)

• Saves precious storage space

• Folds down flat

• Packs easily into a visitor’s suitcase

• Makes the perfect “add-on” purchase at the register

Added bonus: Your name, website and toll-free number are printed on these keepsake cards. Customers pay your advertising costs! Your investment does double-duty. Your Pop-Up does all the work.

Let us show you how we would create your Custom Pop-Up souvenir card.