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Pop Up Cards as Premium Incentives

You’re unveiling a contest for your sales force, and you want a contest announcement that will really get them fired up to reach goals and set records. Only thing is, your employees, just like everyone else, are constantly inundated with offers, announcements, Limited-Time-Only invitations and “You May Already Be A Winner” packets. How will your incentive announcement break through the clutter?

Or, you want to give away a small premium to show appreciation for those loyal clients or outstanding employees.

Use a Pop-Up card – its fun, interactive, and goes that extra distance.

Pfizer offered a NYC shopping spree as an incentive to its sales force. But Pfizer didn’t just tell their people about this fantastic trip; they showed them with one of our favorite Pop-Up designs ever! Pfizer’s Pop-Up made this exciting incentive come to life, illustrating all that the winners would experience: the sightseeing hot spots of NYC spring up next to the famous shopping venues; the famous Tavern on the Green restaurant; the theatre featuring the classic wintertime play It’s a Wonderful Life; plus ice skating at Rockefeller center; and, of course, Times Square. You could never fit all that into a regular printed item – but for a multi-layered custom Pop-Up, nothing is too big, not even the Big Apple!

Let us show you how we would create your Custom Pop-Up premium incentive card.