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Pop Up Cards for Healthcare

Are you a healthcare professional, a pharmaceutical company seeking to enhance your regular client communications, or a company doing business in the medical field? For some reason health care and medicine are subjects that many folks are a little sensitive about – you might even say some are downright squeamish. Your challenge is how to get your message out in an effective manner that captures and holds the interest of your target market.

A custom pop-up card can be the ideal way to raise awareness about newly approved products or services. We will design a customized pop up card that fits your needs whether you provide care products, specialized medical equipment or want to get the word out about a newly available drug or treatment alternative.

Consider three examples of companies who decided that pop up cards provided a unique way to present a complex message in an eye-catching manner:

  • Novartis hired us to produce pop up cards that were sent to doctor offices to communicate that Prevacid® is now available without a prescription
  • Osteohealth® found that one of our pop up cards was a great way to spread the word to oral surgeons that cultured collagen was available for dental surgeries, and
  • Open Advantage MRI Clinics in California discovered that a pop up card was the most effective way to show how the innovative new MRI they created would reduce patient stress levels by allowing patients to see what is going on around them instead of being completely enclosed in a traditional MRI machine.

No matter what your message to the health care industry is, a pop up card can speak to your prospective clients in a way that no other medium can. If a picture is worth a thousand words, let us help you put your pictures and words together in an outstanding pop up card that is will to stand out
among the sea of information medical professionals are being inundated with on a daily basis.

Still have questions? Take a look at how our pop up cards are created and then contact us for a personalized quote. Custom pop-ups provide you with a cost effective way to get your message to thousands of people in a unforgettable way.

Let us show you how we would create your Custom Pop-Up healthcare card.