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Pop Up Cards for Direct Mail

Ever had a direct mail fail? Are you weary of promotional flyers that can’t get off the ground? Whatever product or service you’re featuring in your direct mail advertising campaign, what you don’t need is for your promotional piece to be tossed in the trash before your prospect has called you, read the flyer, or at least had their curiosity piqued. You need a piece that literally pops – a classic, custom-designed, multidimensional pop-up card. A creative direct mail postcard is a welcome, rewarding bit of sensory fun that invites all who see it to pick it up and give it (and your business!) some attention.

Custom-designed pop-up postcards add an unexpected dimension to your direct mail campaign. They are dynamic, whimsical, unique, and interactive. Before you know it, your product line will pop up in conversation. Your new service will pop into your client’s mind. Your outside-the-box promotional tool will pop up on your next client’s desk.

You never know where we’ll pop up next!

Let us show you how we would create your Custom Pop-Up direct mail card.