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About Pop-Ups

The Team at Custom PopUps has been designing and producing custom pop up cards for over 15 years. We are specialists in Customized Pop Up cards. It’s all we do – and we do a great job.

We’re fascinated by all aspects of effective marketing and ad campaigns and eager to explore the possibilities of pop-up cards as a unique communication medium. Working with clients to create an interactive single-, multi-layered, or 3-D paper Pop-Up card that accomplishes their advertising goals is pure fun for us!

Pop-Ups are like children’s pop-up books – only smaller. They are made of paper and fold down flat, so they are light and easy to bulk mail. Pop-Ups are the perfect solution for a specialty direct mail campaign. Or to announce a new product or service. Or to invite potential clients to a special event.

We can create your custom Pop-Up cards from your photographs, illustrations, or designs – or we can have one of our talented designers create custom artwork in a variety of styles for your Pop-Up.

When our Team began, we were making 3-D paper Pop-Up cards as souvenir pieces, featuring museums or attractions all over the U.S. and Canada. 3-D paper Pop-Ups have real nostalgic value and are an excellent souvenir item. However, again and again we’d get requests from the marketing departments of the attractions for which we’d made Pop-Up souvenir cards, asking us to create another batch of cards specifically for advertising.

We’re not dummies. We started some advertising of our own – specifically to marketing departments of attractions, resorts, etc., and voilà! The beginning of a beautiful relationship…

Just over 10 years later, we have worked with such powerhouse companies as Mitsubishi (creating an actual-size Pop-Up model of their pocket-sized projector); Pepsi and Frito-Lay (a multimedia promotional Pop-Up for Super Bowl XLI!); Citibank MasterCard (an audio Pop-Up that included a sound chip for a large business-to-business mailing); Sears Tower in Chicago (an oversized pop-up souvenir card!) and Pfizer (a stunning Pop-Up that motivated employees to win an incentive trip to NYC!).

If you are looking for a way to arrest attention by creating a 3-D Pop-Up advertising piece – Contact us. We’ll create something dazzling for you too!